What is the URL?

What is the URL?

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The number of internet users is increasing day by day. Internet connections reaching many points of the world are now used not only in computers but also in dozens of different devices. With so many users, the segment of the content producer has become quite a lot. The amount of content consumed and demanded increased. Naturally, the number of websites where these contents are published or produced has also increased. Links that allow us to reach these websites easily and separate them from each other are called URLs.

One of the frequently used computing terms, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. This term often appears as an address link in the form of "http://www.sitename.com/index.html" used to access a specific website on the Internet.

URL is also the field where we specify the name of the website. These links allow us to access and navigate websites without confusion. We can compare them to the addresses owned by the buildings. If anyone wants to come to your building, it is enough to come to the specified address. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to find your building.

If you want to reach Google, you must type the URL of the site "Google.com" into the search bar. When you type this address, you can reach Google without any confusion.

What Are URL Elements?
URL links owned by websites have different sections separated from each other by punctuation marks. Each part has a different meaning. Basically, these sections are as follows; protocol, domain name, domain extension and file. Of course, there are other components that can be added to these sections. Subdomains and country extensions are some of them.

If we look at "Google.com", the "Google" domain name is the ".com" domain extension. Another example is when you want to go to the TurkNet blog page, you have to type "Turk.net/blog" in the search bar. The "Turk" domain name is the ".net" domain extension, and the "/ blog" part is the file extension.

How Does a URL Work?
All devices that want to connect to the internet need an IP address. - Related to this subject "What is IP?" You can get more detailed information by reviewing our article. - These IP addresses establish the connection of the devices with the server. However, these addresses, which consist of too many numbers, are not memorable. It is difficult to use. A URL translates IP addresses into text and makes it much more useful for users.

You can reach the site you want to go by typing the URL of the site instead of typing an IP address.

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