What is hosting?

What is hosting?

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Hosting; It is a powerful web site publishing tool that enables uninterrupted web sites to be published. You can think of websites as just about any document on your computer. After creating this document on your computer, you save it on the hard drive and you can access it from there. However, since the websites are open to everyone on the web, they must be accessible at all times. For this reason, there is a need for another computer that is constantly connected to the internet network, much more powerful than the computer you own, and has a broadband network. This computer should be open and ready 24/7 so that users who want to enter your site do not have to live. For this reason, by getting a hosting service, you get a hard drive or computer that you can keep your site online.

Prepared websites are uploaded to advanced web servers called hosting, thanks to control panels and certain software. Thanks to the domain name that was defined when opening your site, anyone can access these sites at any time. - Our readers who want to get detailed information about the domain name can examine our related article here. - To put it more simply and more literally, the system that keeps the documents belonging to the website and makes it available to the users is called web server, the data storage and publishing process is called web hosting.

Hosting Options
There are different hosting options according to the needs of your website. You can start using these options by choosing the one that suits you best. These needs are determined entirely by the number of users and the purpose of your website. Another point is that hosting prices vary. It will be healthier to choose one that suits both your needs and your budget.

Shared Hosting / Wordpress Hosting
It is generally preferred for websites that do not have a large number of files and have a limited number of users. They are services that allow you to share resources with more than one user. The most widely used content management system in the world is Wordpress. If your site is on Wordpress, using this hosting offers a much more compatible system and you will make an easier setup.

Enterprise Hosting
Companies have their own special needs. Corporate hosting service developed for these needs offers higher e-mail quota and higher SSD disk space. There are also generally more advanced security definitions.

Virtual Server
It is a server divided into independent virtual machines. In this way, a special server hosting service is provided for each customer. When the resources are personal, you will get a more uninterrupted and fast service. This hosting is very suitable for websites with a large number of users. If your website now requires more processor and disk space, you may need to switch to these servers. It is also more affordable than Dedicated servers.

Physical Server / Dedicated Hosting
The most comprehensive and powerful service among hosting services is dedicated hosting service. It is used for sites that require the highest processor and disk space. With this hosting service, you will have a physical server where only your website is hosted and serves you with all its features.
Users who download and upload files on the site, have a lot of monthly traffic and want to get the fastest hosting service, prefer this hosting service. However, it is the service with the highest cost.

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