What is a domain?

What is a domain?

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Domain is one of the terms that we frequently encounter in the internet world. "What does a domain mean?" You can find the answer to the question in this article. Briefly; It is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that corresponds to your website's physical address. In short, it is the name and address of your website in the internet world. The "domain name", which is mostly used as a "domain name" in our language, enables the person who wants to reach your site directly to reach the site easily when he writes this name correctly in the search bar in the browser.

For example, when you want to visit TurkNet's website, when you type our domain name "Turk.net" in the search bar, you will directly reach our homepage. The general purpose of use of domain names is to enable internet users to access the site they want to access in an easy way. If these domains were not used, we would have to use IP addresses consisting of complex numbers, which would not be easy to use. - IP addresses are identification numbers that allow a computer to communicate with another computer using the internet.

Why Use a Domain Name? Domains generally consist of two main parts; The first part contains the domain name, that is, in the "google.com" site, the "google" part is the domain name and the ".com" part is the domain extension. Domain extensions are mostly preferred for different usage purposes or for official purposes. To give an example, there are extensions that are used separately for countries. In our country, ".tr" extension is used. Another example is the ".edu" extension used by universities is an official extension.

In general, the working system of domain names is as follows; The files on your website - almost everything on your site - are hosted on servers located in different parts of the world. These servers are only recognized by their IP addresses. Domain Name System, called DNS, connects domain names and IP addresses and provides access to the site. Thus, it becomes sufficient to write a domain instead of an IP address in the browser.

How to Search Domain? There are many local and foreign providers that you can use for domain name inquiries. Although the domain purchasing process also varies from company to company, generally a domain query should be made to check whether the domain name you want to use is idle. This means that the domain you want to use may be used by someone different. You must purchase these domain names if they are not in use. These purchases generally do not happen indefinitely. You pay for a certain period of time. For example, you get a one-year domain name and after one year you have to pay again to continue using that domain name.

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